Tuesday, March 10, 2009


While I was rummaging through old photos, I found these videos. This first one is a PRIME example of "slow and steady wins the race!" Watch Brodie find the ball in the creek before BooDog. This doesn't happen often!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pictures from the past -

I was looking at pictures of the puppies on my computer, and thought these were so cute!!! I couldn't resist - I had to share with everyone!! Enjoy!
Cullen and Brodie watch TV together... most of the time, like this:

Brodie and Millie often mistake Cullen's lap as an extension of the couch. He doesn't mind though. I have more pictures than I can count of Cullen and Brodie snugglin on the couch. Millie only will lay with Cullen. She will not, absolutely will not, lay in my lap. I love/hate it.

The picture above and the picture below show a terribly miserable dog being dressed up. I have never met a dog who HATES being dressed up more than Millie Girl. However, the sweet part about her, is she let's me dress her up...she just follows up with death stares (see the angry bumble bee for further representation.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dog Park!

Mom took us to the dog park this weekend. It was so much fun. We managed to get diiiirty, and worn out. We slept for the rest of the afternoon. Mom was very grateful for that!!

Millie-Girl was sniffing out the competition. She, of course, managed to chase all other's away!

After being at the park for only 30 or so minutes, Brodie was R-E-A-D-Y to come home. He has an athletic ability much like his mom's, which is minimal!

Millie showed those bigger Boston Terrier's who was boss. No one messed with her tennis ball after!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We love our momma -

While our momma has been sick, we have been laying around with her to make her feel better.

It is so nice of us to be soooooo sympathetic.
(Don't tell Mom, but we do this even if she isn't sick!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dexter -

My friend, Kate and her Beau, Nathan have a new member in their family. Meet Dexter. He is further proof that Boston Terrier's truly are the most fantastic dogs ever. Just look, he is mere months old... he can skate board and play soccer. (I can't do either... does that make him smarter than me??)
Kate, thanks for always sharing Dexter's pictures. He is so friggin adorable!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What A Weekend!

What a weekend. This weekend was jammed packed; some good…some not so good. Let’s start at the very beginning (isn’t that a song from Sound of Music?)

Friday was a great day. I had a wonderful lunch with a friend of mine, followed by a visit with my sister and dinner and a movie double-date with my parents and Cullen. We saw Gran Torino. (A short, movie review: not exactly what I was expecting. Funny – Was not expecting to laugh. Great movie. Definitely a guy-movie. Super date-movie. Overall, A-.)

Saturday morning, Cullen went to work. Before leaving for work, Cullen woke me up to tell me Brodie wasn’t feeling well. The symptoms: lethargic, real weak. If you know Brodie, that is not far from everyday characteristics. Cullen “can just tell something is wrong with him.” So, my friend Amber calls and Millie and I leave Brodie at home and meet Amber and her puppies at the Round Rock dog park. Millie got in a little brawl at the dog park and cut her eye. YEP – Millie was ambushed. I took her straight to the doggie hospital, because she literally had blood coming out of her eye. Two hours later and $46 dollars later, we arrived home with a black-eyed, banged up Boston Terrier. She is on two medicines.

Not to be out done, Brodie stays sick and we end up taking him to the doctor Sunday (along with Millie follow up eye appointment.) After another 2.5 hours at the vet, Brodie has a virus in his intestines and he was given antibiotics and Pepcid AC, for his heartburn? Gas? Bloat? All the above? Nevertheless, he moped around…when we could get him out of bed at all. On top of that, he was prescribed wet dog food, which was supposed to be easy on the belly. Cullen spoon fed him last night.

Brodie gave us a run for our money this morning though. He has been sleeping with us, because we are over protective parents. Well, my alarm goes off this morning. I rolled over to kiss Cullen good morning, and check on Brodie. I called Brodie’s name… nothing. I give him a good shake, call his name again…and nothing. I yell at Cullen to get up. I feel Brodie’s stomach to feel him breathe… nothing. FINALLY, something. He looks up at him, as if I have grown two heads. He looks at me and stares, as if he is saying, “Look, ma. Leave me alone. I am tired.” So, I sighed a heavy breath of relief and rolled over to say good morning to Millie, who slept on the floor. After a shower this morning, Brodie got out of bed on his own, and met me in the kitchen. He looked at me, sat and stared at the microwave… wanting his new wet dog food to be heated and fed to him via spoon? DREAM ON BRODIE MAN. As if I could resist his sweet face, I heated the food up…BUT I DID NOT FEED IT TO HIM. I sat it on the floor and walked away!

So, all is well with the black-eyed Millie girl and the sick, gassy, bloated Brodie man. This weekend has caused me to really re-think Motherhood.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lola Love Lucas...and Otis

My dear friend Amber has one of the world's cutest dogs. While I think Brodie and Millie walk on water, Lola runs a tight race for cutest. Just look at her:

In Lola's younger, more fit days, she dressed as a pig for Halloween. How can you resist?

After reading an article on FoxNews about dos inate sense of fairness, we must incude a picture of Lola's brother, Otis: