Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pictures from the past -

I was looking at pictures of the puppies on my computer, and thought these were so cute!!! I couldn't resist - I had to share with everyone!! Enjoy!
Cullen and Brodie watch TV together... most of the time, like this:

Brodie and Millie often mistake Cullen's lap as an extension of the couch. He doesn't mind though. I have more pictures than I can count of Cullen and Brodie snugglin on the couch. Millie only will lay with Cullen. She will not, absolutely will not, lay in my lap. I love/hate it.

The picture above and the picture below show a terribly miserable dog being dressed up. I have never met a dog who HATES being dressed up more than Millie Girl. However, the sweet part about her, is she let's me dress her up...she just follows up with death stares (see the angry bumble bee for further representation.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dog Park!

Mom took us to the dog park this weekend. It was so much fun. We managed to get diiiirty, and worn out. We slept for the rest of the afternoon. Mom was very grateful for that!!

Millie-Girl was sniffing out the competition. She, of course, managed to chase all other's away!

After being at the park for only 30 or so minutes, Brodie was R-E-A-D-Y to come home. He has an athletic ability much like his mom's, which is minimal!

Millie showed those bigger Boston Terrier's who was boss. No one messed with her tennis ball after!